Terabant™ TBTET Tamper Evident Security Tapes



Product Code: TBTET

Product Description:

Terabant™ TBTET tape is designed to work with plastic security bags. With its tamper evident plastic sealing features, this tape provides authenticity, assurance and advanced protection against theft and unauthorized entry. Particularly well suited for secure transport of valuable merchandise, its unique features are enhanced through TBTET tape; Terabant™’s tamper evident security tapes for plastic security bags.

Additional features include barcode and sequential numbering done every few inches, providing instant identity to the plastic security bags. To meet the diverse needs of our clients, we support custom sized rolls for up to
5000’ for automated applications.


When peeled away from target surface, Terabant™ TBTET tape displays a hidden message as visual proof of tampering. Regardless of application, Terabant™ TBTET tape provides secure merchandise transport and advanced theft protection.  Acting as a silent sentry, it guards and provides improved security for all your unattended assets. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications, Terabant™ TBTET tape is a perfect choice for any business looking for the ultimate tamper evident solution.


Download product specification sheet for TBTET tamper evident security tapes - PDF

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