Terabant™ TBSL Security Labels


Product Code: TBSL

Product Description:

Terabant™ TBSL labels offer a perfectly suited and reliable solution for a wide variety of transport, shipping and storage applications such as corrugated boxes, metal containers and paper envelopes, warranty seal, envelope seals, validation materials for documents and devices, security closure protection systems and more. Designed as a self-adhesive, tamper-evident product for corrugated boxes, metal and paper surfaces, Terabant™ TBSL labels reveal a hidden message when peeled away from target surface. Additional features include full customization with a unique logo, text, unique hidden message supported in many languages and advanced anti–counterfeiting measures such as a barcode. Terabant™ TBSL labels are available in variety of sizes, and supplied in rolls and sheets.


We are fully committed to providing a best quality, unique and affordable solution based on your specific needs and requirements.


  Download product specification sheet for TBSL tamper evident security labels - PDF

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