Terabant™ No-Residue Security Labels



Product Code: TBNR

Product Description:

Terabant™ No-Residue labels offer all advantages of standard tamper evident tape, with the added benefit of a no residue void message. To provide greater variability they come in red, blue, or green. Particularly suited for sensitive surfaces such as glass, plastic and metal this product provides a great alternative for applications where adhesive residue cleanup is undesirable. Due to lack of residue, they are also often used as a self validating packaging for tamper evident labels on plastic, glass and metal bottles or containers, pharmaceutical products, computers parts and electronic devices.


Being printable and die cut compatible, Terabant™ No-Residue labels are easily used with traditional label dispensing machinery. Due to easy removal, non-stating and unique numbering features, Terabant™ No-Residue labels make a much better choice than fragile acetate film.


Download product specification sheet for TBNR no residue tamper evident security labels - PDF

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