Terabant™ TBLL Security Labels



Product Code: TBLL

Product Description:

Terabant™ TBLL labels are 3"x5" polyester, self-adhesive, tamper-evident seals. They are used as a security protocol for variety of applications, boxes, packages and surfaces and come with unique security feature of over-laminate clear film protecting sequential number from attack and aggressive acrylic adhesive providing weather and heat resistance. Self destructing security slits are added to shred the Terabant™ TBLL labels on removal, providing the highest tamper evident security feature of any other label in the class. Applications are done by hand by removing protective paper backer and sticking them to the surface or product in question over or under the keeper bars. Customarily used for visual identification of tampering, these seals act as a silent sentry to monitor your shipments and products, plastic bags and seals, and more. Custom manufacturing with unique information, visual or hidden message is available, supported for multiple language providing enhanced seal understanding in any country.


Download product specification sheet for TBLL tamper evident security labels - PDF

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