Frequently Asked Questions

In which business sectors can Terabant™ security products be used?
Shipping Sector: On incoming and outgoing security plastic bags, carton boxes, envelopes and metal containers.

Health Sector: For the transportation of medicines, chemicals and all types of boxes or bottles used for transporting medicines and drugs. For keeping or transportation of hospital garbage bags and/or harmful, biohazard chemicals. Could also be applied on sharp containers.

Food and Drink Sectors: On any kind of food product packages, glass or plastic bottles.

Security Departments: For the transportation and/or storage of police evidence.

Banks, Exchange Bureaus and Financial Centers: For the transportation of money in security plastic bags, boxes, envelopes and metal containers.

Warranty Labels: To keep the product under warranty. Attempts to peel off the label affect it so that once it is peeled off permanent warning messages is left on the shipments or devices.

Calibration Centers: Like a warranty label, they protect the device and the calibration not to be opened or changed.



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